Our Services

We work with clients to understand the particular challenge they face, engage the support of others who can help, and collaboratively develop solutions. Whether we are creating plans for places or strategies for place makers we combine clarity of thought and purposeful enquiry with a passion for transforming ideas into projects that can make a difference. Our tools are simple. We use creativity, conversation and collaboration to convert opportunity into advantage. Our team is diverse and our approach is rigorous. Both are designed to address your particular needs and offer an alternative way to clarify challenges, explore possibilities and effect change.

Cultural Tourism

Sherwood and Associates have a specialist team available to create exciting cultural tourism projects and animation programmes for clients. We have assisted with the development of many of the most successful international experiences in Ireland today. Our clients include OPW, County Councils, State Agencies, Trusts and Estate Owners.

Destination Tourism

Sherwood and Associates can offer clients a wide range of Destination Planning Services. We have recently been involved in the development of a number of International Destination Plans. These include: Kilkenny’s Medieval Mile, Dublin’s Dubline and Limericks Interpretative Tourism Strategy.

Business Planning

We offer our clients a comprehensive Business Planning service. A business plan should be prepared with a specific purpose in mind. This can vary from setting out a series of goals and objectives for the next year to seeking a financial investment. Our professionally qualified team has a wealth of experience in this area.

Digital Marketing & Branding

We offer clients access to an international team of digital marketing experts and branding professionals. We work collaboratively with a number of academic institutions and have access to the latest research and cutting edge solutions.


It is the unique task of leadership to look to the future and to consider and interpret how their organisation can best cope with the challenges and opportunities that are omni present. We are on a number of specialist mentoring panels and work with organizations to provide bespoke mentoring services.

Strategy & Research

Sherwood and Associates offer a comprehensive planning and research service which can be tailored to our client’s needs and brief. We have access to a wide range of specialist knowledge and use the latest facilitation techniques and processes.


We consider that the consultation and engagement process is key to the ultimate success of any plan. We utilize a number of international models to manage this process in an innovative and time effective manner.

Project Management

We utilize professional project management tools and teams to deliver a wide range of projects for clients. Our approach is to work with you on the delivery of all aspects of the project and provide detailed risk analysis, quality control and solution based inputs.