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Project Description

Dublin’s Water Quarter

Client: Waterways Ireland

Location:  Grand Canal Dock

Type of Study: Economic Benefit Analysis


The following review was undertaken by Sherwood and Associates on behalf of Waterways Ireland. Limited in its terms of reference, the objective of the study was to quantify the economic benefit and/or the consequential loss relating to the Water Quality Issue at Grand Canal Dock based on a detailed and perhaps conservative analysis of a potential program of events over a year, if the water quality issue was addressed. It also looked at what this meant in terms of ‘Return on Investment’.

As demand for outdoor recreation continues its rapid growth, the quality of outdoor recreation services and facilities is identified as a key driver in destination selection by overseas visitors.

The engagement involved:

The poor water quality issue of Grand Canal Dock means that the amazing potential as a ‘Blue Playground’ for Dublin City cannot be realised and requires urgent investment in order to unlock the latent economic potential of this asset.

With improved water quality and effective management, Grand Canal Dock has the potential to deliver amazing and significant tangible economic, social, health and wellbeing benefits.

We know that Destination Creation already has a significant role in Irelands Tourism and recreational industry but there are significant  benefits associated with further development including Economic stimulation, employment creation, health and wellbeing benefits, social inclusion, conservation and protection of natural habitats, heritage assets and increased public perception and promotion.

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